Before it disappears There are a few things which are gradually disappearing from our lives, and with it some age-old customs are vanishing too. Just like the disappearance of the milkman and the laundryman, it is now the turn of the postman. Letter writing is no longer a social practice. It is surely a reflection of the gradual drift we experience in modern living. Here are five reasons why it is relevant even today and hence important to teach your child to write a letter:

    1. Personal touch Nowadays when we want to communicate we use the text message, voice message, e-mail, Facebook, Skype and many more. We also have greeting cards which say everything in our behalf. But no creation of modern technology can replace the warmth and sincerity of a hand-written note. It is the personal touch in the notion of `keeping in touch`.


    1. A joy forever Receiving a letter by mail is a joy which present generation children have never known. Opening an envelope which has their name on it in a familiar handwriting, a letter expressing a grandparent`s love is a gift one cherishes for a lifetime. Years later when you discover a letter from a loved one, you relive the moment and innocent joys of childhood.


    1. Bringing the family closer Children need to be taught the value of writing. As parents, we need to set an example by writing to our own parents on festivals and not forward a forwarded message. Imagine what pleasure it would be for grand-parents to receive a grand-child`s drawing and a note to say how well he is doing in his class! Help your child to learn writing letters to the elders of the family and to his friends. Collect your child`s letters and file them to share it on a later date and see the happiness it brings.


    1. `An exercise in expressing thoughts in words As opposed to the quickly composed email, a letter is painstakingly written where you select the best words to express your thoughts. It is creative writing with the added beauty of being sincere and intimate. It is fair then why we preserve letters but delete old emails.


  1. Expressing gratitude Parents feel obliged to fulfill what their child desires, and they pride themselves when they can afford to get those. It would be even more joyous if we taught our children to write a note to thank for their gifts. Gratitude can be taught only in subtle ways. It is a very essential value of life. From it comes the sense of respect for others, and appreciation for what one has.

Is someone waiting to hear from you` The time to write is now!

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