The only reason Cantor Fitzgerald's chief executive Howard W. Lutnick didn't perish during the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center is thanks to his young son. That Tuesday morning happened to be the day his five-year-old son started kindergarten. Lutnick was in his son's classroom when he first heard news of the attacks that would forever change his life and his firm. Cantor Fitzgerald occupied the 101st to the 105th floors of One World Trade Center -- just above the impact zone of the hijacked plane. Cantor Fitzgerald suffered the greatest loss of life of any company. The firm lost 658 of its 960 employees, almost two-thirds of its workforce. What's even more heartbreaking, Cantor Fitzgerald had a policy of hiring relatives, so those who lost someone at the firm likely lost more than one loved one. Lutnick lost his brother. Because the attacks had devastated Cantor Fitzgerald so badly, the firm was not expected to survive. Remarkably, within a week the firm managed to get its trading back online. And Lutnick made a commitment to keep Cantor Fitzgerald going, despite the odds and the difficult choices that had to be made. He gave the victim's families 25% of the firm's profits for five years, and 10 years of health insurance. He's been trying to fulfill his vow to keep the firm alive for the last decade. Cantor Fitzgerald certainly suffered a tremendous loss, but it might also be one of the greatest comeback stories on Wall Street. Today, Cantor Fitzgerald, located uptown from Ground Zero, is thriving, with 1,700 employees, 700 more than it had a decade ago. 20 children of the people who died are working with them . The firm has donated more than $180 million to families of victims. Cantor`s success has enabled Mr. Lutnick to honour his pledge to the families of those who were killed. Over the five years, each family got roughly $175,000. Many are still getting health insurance. Then on September 12th - usually on September 11th, if it's a business day ` the company holds charity day. They donate, not all profits, but all revenues that they do. Every penny of revenue that the company does around the world globally is donated to charities. They have about 75 charities. And all of their employees give up their pay for that day. Last year, they did $12 million. Please click on the link below to view the inspiring story of Cantor Fitzgerald.

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