Are you happy in the modern world?

The answer to the above questions depends on how you and I are conducting ourselves on a day-to-day basis. The ones who are living a happy life in the modern world have learnt and are practicing behaviors that enables them to be living a happy life.

More now than ever in the history of mankind, everyone through education has access to a better living and therefore a happy life. There are numerous examples of individuals born into a family of poverty, through education progressed towards living a vibrant and a happy life and uplifting their family and friends along the way. Sadly, in many cases, individuals born into prosperous families are living lives of penury and despair.

So, what to do, how to live happily in the modern world?

The answer lies in getting your daily DOSE.

What is the daily DOSE?

The daily DOSE is to behave in a manner that will trigger the brain to release the “Happy Brain Chemicals” The happy brain chemicals are Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins.

Dopamine is released by the brain when one is either preparing or performing the daily tasks that enables an individual to perform their roles and responsibilities, both at the home front and the professional front. If one were not to prepare and perform, then he or she is likely to face the consequences of non-performance, crisis, and conflicts, which results in the brain to go into the panic mode of self defense and survival, in which case the brain releases toxic chemicals which generate stress.

Oxytocin is the happy chemical the brain releases when as individuals we nurture our family members, friends, and professional relationships and in the process extract joy. It is especially important to do both, nurture and to extract joy, while nurturing. When we fail to extract joy, the oxytocin is not released, as we may feel that we are being exploited by individuals who we are nurturing.

Serotonin is the happy brain chemical that is released when we appreciate the nurturing and help, we are receiving from our well-wishers, and expressing our gratitude. Often, we take the help and nurturing from our well wishers for granted and therefore we do not experience the Serotonin.

Endorphins is the happy brain chemical we experience when we exercise, sleep well, and eat well.

Getting the daily DOSE will ensure that you and I live happily in the modern world.

Dopamine: Keep preparing and performing your daily tasks to fulfill your roles and responsibilities.

Oxytocin: Nurture and help the one’s you are responsible for, and extract joy.

Serotonin: Keep seeking help and nurturing from your well wishes and express your gratitude.

Endorphins: Keep exercising, sleeping 7-8 hours every day and eat well.

I encourage my friends and myself to be mindful to behave in a manner that will ensure that our brain will keep releasing happy brain chemical and not the toxic ones, and you and I will live happily in the modern world.

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