An Article By Vijay Batra

Scientist have discovered that with a broad range of active intellectual interests and a vigorous lifestyle, your body, mind and spirit can keep unlocking hidden capacities and there`s a great chance that we can be as sharp-or sharper- at age 70,80 and even 90 as we were at 20.

Every moment of our lives we are either growing or dying- and it`s largely a choice, not fate. Throughout its life cycle, every one of the body`s trillions of cells is driven to grow and improve its ability to use more of its innate yet untapped capacity.

The goal of a lifetime is continued growth, not adulthood.

`Genius is childhood recaptured` For this to happen, studies show that we must recapture ` or prevent the loss of ` such child-like traits as the ability to learn, to love, to laugh about small things, to leap, to wonder, and to explore.

New sights, sounds, conversations, creative pursuits, or problem solving activates brain cells `, they instantaneously begin to change. They produce far more energy, form new connections, and revitalize brain function.

Have Fun As If You Never Have to Grow Up.

  1. Do some things just `for the fun of it.` Plato said the model of true playfulness was what he saw in the need of all young creatures to leap. Healthy, rejuvenating play is usually best when it`s independent of a particular goal, leaping, for example ` just for the fun of it.

  2. Post nuggets of wisdom and playful phrases on walls at home and at work. One for the refrigerator `Fear less, hope more, Eat less chew more, Whine less, breathe more, Hate less, love more, worry less, by playing more.`

  3. Ease off on the guilt of not getting everything done.
  4. Spice up your evenings or time with periods with humour. Know what makes your loved ones, your friends and your colleagues at work laugh ` and make it a point to keep doing it.

What do your loved ones miss the most about you in recent years` It`s likely to be something small but significant, such as the sense of humour or playfulness you used to have before you got so busy.

An enjoyable and healthy life depends far more on the frequency of happiness than on the magnitude of happiness.  

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