Life can be an amazing experience, if we learn how to make it amazing. Many of us tend to think that we will get what we need, but it is wise for us to realize that we will get what we deserve. The way to become more deserving is to develop our ability to handle more and more challenging situations. The value of a person is determined by the size of challenges he or she is able to overcome. A brain surgeon gets paid very well, because he or she has learnt to overcome the challenges of brain surgery. Sachin Tendulkar gets all the respect and money, because he has developed the ability to bat and add runs under adverse conditions more consistently than any other player. Performers focus on how to overcome the challenges and achieve results, on the other hand non performers are fixated on why challenges can`t be overcome. In-order to be successful, we need to learn from the successful, what they do, and replicate, and observe the ones who are not succeeding and not do what they do. It is not the circumstances that govern one`s life, but the choices he or she makes in responding to the circumstances they face. Learn to focus on what you can do, instead on things you can`t do. There is always a way. It is never the lack of resources but not being resourceful, that is finding ways to do the most with what one has, leads to poor performance. It is important that we are constantly becoming better and better, so our customers are not only aware of us or prefer us to others, but they insist on dealing with us, because they realize that we add the most value to them in overcoming their challenges. It is vital that you and I develop a clear vision about what we want to be, learn how to go about achieving it, commit ourselves to excellence and execute it. If a customer were to call with a challenge he or she is facing, a non-committed solution provider may reply `I think or, I may be able to try finding a solution to your challenge.` A committed solution provider will reply `I will do my best to solve your challenge.` And get enthused and passionately go about finding and implementing the solution. It is when we give comfort to others that we experience joy, be it customers, family or friends. The way to have a great life is to become a great solution provider to customers, a great husband or wife to one`s spouse, a great parent to one`s children, a great son or daughter to one`s parents, a great brother or sister to one`s siblings, this is what successful people do. The ones who fail consistently are the one who expect others to become good to them, they expect customers to pay more, their spouse, children, parents and siblings to become kinder, gentler and more considerate towards them ` it simply doesn`t work that way. Take control by becoming more and more valuable to others, you will then surely attract valuables in your life. Please do your best.

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