`Change is inevitable, but is it enjoyable`` This is a question I ask during my workshops from participants frequently, and often I get the answer `Change is enjoyable.` The fact is that change is seldom enjoyable, but not changing is certainly not enjoyable and will lead to more pain.

Late Dr. Sumantra Ghosal used a powerful analogy about change being painful by equating the process to a caterpillar becoming a wonderful butterfly. He would say that often people glorify the result after the change, i.e. an ugly caterpillar turning into a wonderful butterfly, but what many overlook is that the caterpillar first goes blind, then its body splits open for the wings to emerge. The whole process is extremely painful, and no caterpillar willingly will undertake such a process.

Invariably, when we embark on the process of change, thinking it will be enjoyable, usually at the first sign of pain, we usually back out; and so we never achieve the desired goals.

Therefore, you and I need to anticipate that the change process will be painful, and prepare for it mentally and physically. Taking guidance from seasoned successful people will enable us to implement the change optimally.

Dr. Sumantra Ghosal taught a wonderful way to change by overcoming the trap on non-action.

A good visual would be as shown below: on the left prong we have the overwhelming demands, on the right are the unsurmountable constraints, and in the middle are the unexplored choices.


In the movie Kabil starring Hrithik Roshan is an amazing example of how Hrithik`s character in the movie avenges his wife`s suicide because of the crimes committed against her.

The overwhelming constraint of the protagonist was that he was blind. The overwhelming demand was the fact that the criminals were hardened and backed by a corrupt politician, and the police was not helping. What the blind protagonist did was that he mapped the relevant constraints, and leveraged his strengths of being able to mimic different styles of speech, and his extremely good hearing. The movie is a great watch that will inspire us to overcome the trap of non-action, by exploring choices and avenues that will allow us to overcome seemingly unsurmountable constraints and overwhelming demands.

The movie Dangal, starring Aamir Khan also chronicles how Mr. Phogat inspired himself and his daughters to change by overcoming the trap of non-action. I am very happy that Bollywood is making such instructional and inspiring edutaining movies every year.


Article by Vijay Michihito Batra

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