9 no compromise

A must see movie for all the families is English Vinglish, starring Sridevi, directed by Gauri Shinde. It is a great movie, which teaches us how to correct family members when they ill treat us. It is a beautiful narration of a wife and a mother played by Sridevi, as to how to overcome the mistakes being committed by her husband and daughter. The movie shows Shashi Godbole, played by Sridevi a dedicated housewife looking after her family comprising of her husband, teenage daughter, son and mother-in-law with utmost dedication. She also runs a small family enterprise of making and selling ladoos. The Husband who is a professional, and the daughter who goes to a convent school, treat Shashi, the wife and mother as a simpleton, and make fun of her weak English. Shashi allows the pattern of being put down by her husband and her daughter, although she feels bad about it. She feels trapped. In the movie Shashi gets a chance to go to America to help with marriage preparations of her niece. Shashi arrives in America about a month before the marriage to help in marriage preparations. In America she takes the step of joining rapid English learning classes. Although very uncomfortable, she takes the leap. She does everything to juggle attending her English classes and helping with marriage preparation. Her family joins her later, around the wedding day. On the occasion of the wedding reception party, Shashi is asked to give a speech. She takes on the challenge of giving the speech in front of the guests. She gives a powerful speech, to her niece Meera, who is gets married to an American, named Kevin. The speech is narrated verbatim as follows: `The marriage is a beautiful thing, it is the most special friendship, friendship of two people who are equal, life is a long journey. Meera sometime you will feel less, sometime Kevin you will also feel less than Meera, try to help each other, try to feel equal. Sometime the married couple don`t even know how the other is feeling, so how will they help each other. Does it mean the marriage is finished` No, that is the time you have to help yourself. Nobody can help you better than you, if you do that, you will return back feeling equal, friendship will return back, your life will be beautiful. Meera and Kevin, may be you are very busy, but have family, son, daughter. In this big world, have your small little world, it will make you feel so good. Family, family can never, never be judgemental. Family will never put you down; will never make you feel small. Family will never laugh at your weaknesses. Family is a place where you will always get love and respect. That is all, Meera and Kevin, I wish you both all the very best. The daughter and the husband are astonished by the speech made by their otherwise `timid` mother and wife, realize their mistake and correct their behaviour. The moral of the movie is, instead of becoming a victim to our family member`s wrongdoings, we need to take the responsibility to correct them. A family is when all the members love and respect each other. Whenever members feel disrespected or not loved, they need to be responsible and correct the situation, by empowering themselves.

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