QUESTION - "My colleague and I are responsible for generating creative plans. While I cannot complain that my colleague does not come up with his own ideas, yet very often while presenting it to the seniors, I feel my ideas are highjacked as he tactfully presents them as though they were his own. Also, he never bothers to give me the credit while presenting what I toiled to create. Ironically, whenever we need to make a combined presentation about a matter where negative response is feared or expected, he would usually go ahead and begin with my name, and I end up facing the brunt. Under these circumstances, I feel my creative talents are being stolen and unaccounted for. I feel demotivated and agonized. What should I do to emerge successfully from the situation`" ANSWER - Creativity is a great competency, but along with creativity you need to develop your assertiveness. Talk to your colleague and make him or her realize what you feel, it is possible that your colleague is doing it unintentionally, speaking to him or her will make him or her conscious of the inappropriate behaviour, and the chances are he or she will correct it. If he or she is doing it intentionally, the chances are they may get defensive when you bring it to their attention how you feel about their inappropriate behaviour. In order to resolve the issue, quote specific instances as soon as possible after he or she has done the `wrong` be it immediately after the meeting or when you are having a coffee break or lunch break together. It is very important for all of us learn that we need to teach others how to treat us. Learn from the current situation, and in the future be proactive instead of reactive, set the `rules` of engagement with others beforehand.

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