A seed of the Spirit of Entrepreneurship can grow in any mental soil, irrespective of family background, education, knowledge, resources or any other advantage. The seed requires soil, moisture and nurturing and can grow into a tall tree (Giant Redwood ` 112 meters high) or into a tiny tree (Bonsai tree ` look just like normal trees ` But do not grow because` people trim their roots to stop them from growing any bigger).

Reader`s Digest is a typical entrepreneurial story of success of a mental seed growing into a very large tree (Giant Redwood!). The originality of an idea, a thought, a need to` be fulfilled and sufficient time for a seed to take the roots ` deeper they are in the form of passion, taller is the growth. Here is the story:

`In February 1922, the first 5000 copies of Reader`s Digest went out into the world. Its founder was Dewitt Wallace, a witty and unassuming former army sergeant. Lila his wife, shared his vision and helped produce the magazine. Inspiration for the Digest had come years earlier, but it was while recovering from World War I wounds that Wallace studied dozens of magazines.` He realized that certain articles had far more enduring appeal than others, and that even these articles could be improved by vigorously condensing them and focusing on the essentials.

A winning formula that remains the essence of the Digest to this day.`

Courtesy: Reader`s Digest.

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