Every one of us cannot do great things, but we can all do small things greatly. During my research on stress, I found out that each one of us wants to be great, each one of us wants to be first and that this is just not possible. Result ` frustration and failure, stress and strain.

Remember, very difficult problems have simple answers I get my inspiration from the wonderful saying that if a litre can hold a litre of oil, that is wonderful! To expect it to hold a gallon is to merely become stressful. Most of us do just the opposite. We want a litre can to hold much more than a litre. For example, we expect our child to stand first in the class and when this does not happen ` as all children cannot be first ` we get tense.

I have grown-up children ` a son and two daughters. I considered them always as `one litre cans.` Whatever they did and whatever they achieved, always gave me pleasure. Surprisingly, even their failures pleased me! Why`

For example, my daughter Divya was detained in class six and her school principal explained to me that it would be good for her as she would be able to strengthen her foundation. Also, I realized that my daughter had done the best she could and if she had to be detained let it be so! I have observed that such failures are really very small when you look at them in the broader perspective or your whole life. So I did not become stressful at all, and in the years that followed, Divya did many small, things greatly ` as good daughters do!

One of the `small` things which is a great thing to do. I learnt from my father: Be truthful: There is nothing as powerful as the truth.

You may be laughing at me and wondering how truth can be powerful in this Kaluga. Well, it is. If you want to reduce you stress, this is also one good way. But let me hasten to qualify it by saying that honesty is the best policy ` with a little bit of common sense.

Truth is powerful. Truth is wonderful. Truth is pleasureful ` the opposite of stressful!

It takes years to develop the habit of speaking the truth. But once you are able nurture and cultivate this habit, you will able to increase your self-confidence. Your life will then become transparent to others and to yourself and your stress and fears will be far less. You will become a hero to yourself and your self-respect will go up many notches.

Look around. Audit your friends and associates. Look for those who are less stressful, more vibrant, more joyful and then learn for them! I have been doing exactly that. At the surface, it seems foolish to be truthful. But when you peep into the lives of truthful people, you will get the surprise of your life. At least that is what I have found.

Entrepreneuringly Yours For Ever, Promod Batra

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