If you repeat something for a long time it becomes your habit. This seems to be convincing yet incomplete. Mere repetition doesn`t make a habit. Had this been the case, it would have been a daunting task for Abhinav Bindra to master the habit of aiming and shooting right. Think for a moment, a shooter wants to see himself among international shooters list; moreover aspires to be the best among them. Then gold medal in Olympic is the first and last thing that would come to his mind. Now he begins to prepare hard to make a habit of shooting right. After going through all the technical sessions and enough reading he comes to shoot and he is given 1000 bullets to shoot a day. Initially he may shoot right for 100 times, still 900 are wrong ones. But how come after repeating the wrong practice for 900 times he does not get into a bad habit of shooting wrong! Because mind doesn`t function that way. Mind waits for `wow` signals; every time the shooter shoots right he gives his mind a `wow` signal: `yes! This is right.` Mind registers those signals and turns them gradually into a habit. So repetition is necessary for making a habit but realization is important. How we realize and what we realize that decides which set of habit we will produce. Think for a moment we get numerous opportunities to communicate everyday. We interact in person, through phone as far as verbal communication is concerned. But very few people improve their conversation style even after talking to people for years. Why` Because they perhaps don`t realize the most effective way of communication, perhaps they don`t realize the need of it. As parents, as leaders we must ensure that our people, our children get right kind of realization. Because repetition is a norm in behavior but if not supported by proper realization it will fail to form a good habit.

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