All good work is done the way ants do things, little by little. -Lafcadio Hearn There's a saying that goes, "If you do the little things well, you'll do the big ones better." There are amazing things we want to accomplish and so we arrange our lives in such a way to position ourselves to accomplish these big goals. This usually means we have to continually work toward our long term goals and take a series of small steps until we have prepared and are ready to take a quantum leap. The days go by and we take small step after small step in the right direction. Although we may not have had anything happen that in our minds constitutes a quantum leap, we can see the smaller signs of progress. But ` we want to see more results from all of our hard work. Taking small steps is great, but we want so much more. We are ready to make some significant strides forward. And, this is where some resentment, perhaps only a small amount, can set in. Reaching Goals Whenever you are working toward accomplishing anything, you have to be happy taking the small steps. You need to be proud and appreciate every small step you take because that is really how you set yourself up to accomplish what you want. Why` Because how you take the small steps really matters. The more energy and passion you are able to put into each small step, the better. And, you can really be inspired to give everything you can to the small steps when you appreciate the importance of each and everyone you take. Every step you take is important and when you are able to do even the small things well with the utmost quality, it is amazing how much progress you can really make. Your mindset can`t just be one of `getting things done` or quantity over quality. It doesn`t matter how much you get done if you don`t do it in a high quality way. It just means you will have more steps added on to your journey because when it comes to reaching goals, there have to be a certain number of high quality small steps taken. So, you are much better off doing each small step in a great way and appreciating each small step you take. How to use this

    1. Small steps are essential. Realize that small steps are an essential part of the process and appreciate each and every one. Every step requires and deserves all of your focus and attention.


    1. Give Yourself the credit you deserve. Appreciate all of the progress you are making and all the small steps you are continually taking. Granted they may not all be qquantum leaps, but they are an important part of your journey that needs to be recognized.


    1. Slow down. When you are working toward reaching a goal, it is not about how quickly you move that matters, but whether or not you do things that are actually positively moving you forward. Pour all of your passion into doing things really well with the utmost attention no matter how long it may take.


    1. Perspective and good energy matter. Make certain you are always bringing the most positive perspective and energy to what you are doing.


    1. Don`t Focus on the Big Steps. Don`t worry about when the quantum leaps will happen. Just be where you are and take the small steps you can each and every day. Be content and happy to take small step after small step. The quantum leaps will come.

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