Dr. Achyutananda Samanta`(April 19, 1965`(age`48))

Dr. Achyutananda Samanta`(April 19, 1965`(age`48)) is a well known`social entrepreneur`& a well known philanthropist of`Art of Giving`in the Indian`state of`Odisha. He is the founder of`KIIT Group of Institutions`which includes`KIIT University`and`Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences. He lost his father at the age of four, grew up in abject poverty with the widowed mother trying to make both ends meet. He completed his M.Sc (Chemistry) from`Utkal University. He had decade-long experience in teaching in colleges (mostly at Maharshi College under Utkal University), in Bhubaneswar. If we count each day by not what we reap, but by what we sow, then life is simpler, and immeasurably better. Dr Samanta has been sowing the seeds of Good Karma every single day of his life, and the Universe has found a way for him to become who he is today`a legend who has inspiringly dedicated his life to the upliftment of poor, tribal children in Odisha. At the same time he has not forgotten the importance of creating a sound revenue model that will allow him to sustain his project for the tribals. KIIT is the revenue model. KISS is the magic`an inspiring tribal school project. ` With all his savings,`a paltry sum of Rs. 5,000 Achyuta started a small Industrial Training Institute in 1993 which has grown into one of the finest`multi-disciplinary Universities`of the country.. Around this time, Achyuta started a small school for 125 children belonging to the under-privileged section of the society. That small institute ``Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences`(KISS) has now grown into`the largest institute of the world for 20,000 tribal children, who are provided with accommodation, food, health care and education from KG to PG absolutely free. Participation of world organizations like UNDP, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNFPA and US Federal Government in various projects of KISS prove that KISS has become the most accepted model to empower and create sustainable livelihood through education. Great economic planners, statesmen including Presidents, Prime Minster, Chief Ministers, Nobel Laureates and Social workers come here to appreciate and experience KISS.   Establishment of`KIIT`and KISS shows just a small glimpse of Achyuta Samanta`s persona. His concern for the ailing society, his friends and people around him get lot of admirations for him even from his bitter critics. Regional, national and international publications have hailed him. `Time magazine`, `Outlook`, `India Today` have featured him and now `Reader`s Digest`, brought out in 21 languages from 50 countries put him in the cover giving a moving description of Samanta. Achyuta Samanta stands apart as a person who could have bought all the luxuries of life, but for a man like him for whom puffed rice was the luxury, the money and luxury meant very little. Neither he ever craved for power nor he ever thinks of living in comfort and luxury. He finds the greatest satisfaction by his Gandhian life style, his simple vegetarian food and inexpensive dress which speak a lot about him. He shares the pain of others and for him kindness in thinking creates profoundness and kindness creates love. It is the love for humanity that inspires Achyuta Samanta to stand as a class of his own in the midst of Great Philanthropists.   Dr. Samanta`s story is of a man who grew up in stark poverty, but managed to turn around not just his own life, but those of thousands of others through education. Educational entrepreneur Dr Achutya Samanta, founder of the KIIT and KISS institutions in Odisha has become one of the most inspiring stories of modern India Please view the clip below to get inspired by Dr. Achyuta Samanta.  

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