Empower Each Other By Helping Each Other.

If one were to be in a bad situation, one will do whatever it takes to save oneself and come out ahead, is a false notion. The Truth is, if we were to be in a bad situation and we don’t have prior experience of overcoming such situations, most likely, we will start feeling that we are not in control, and thereafter we will feel helpless, hopeless and give up.

A dangerous thought, if a non-swimmer were to be thrown into deep water, he or she will learn how to swim. A better way, if a person does not know how to swim, teach him or her how to swim in the shallow with supervision and gradually encourage him or her to swim in deeper waters.

It is essential that we learn and practice to nurture each other. Alone we will perish and helping each other, we will prosper. Human species has thrived because our ancestors learnt and kept fine tuning the practice of helping each other.

An interesting mental exercise, please attempt the following three sets of questions.

1st set of questions, Name the five:

  1. Richest Indians.
  2. Olympic Gold Medalists.
  3. Winners of the Miss Universe Contests.
  4. Winners of the Noble prize.
  5. Highest paid athletes in the world.

The above answers can be easily Googled…

2nd set of questions, Name five people who:

  1. Have helped you in the recent times?
  2. Have taught you something worthwhile?
  3. Who have made you feel special?
  4. Who you enjoy being with?
  5. Who you look up to for guidance?

The answers to the above questions cannot be googled, but triggers a sense of gratitude and a sense of wellbeing.

3rd set of questions, Name five people:

  1. You have helped in recent times?
  2. You have taught something worthwhile?
  3. You have made them feel special?
  4. Who enjoyed being with you?
  5. You guided?

The answers to the above questions again cannot be googled, but triggers self confidence and a desire to help others.

It is important to keep pondering on the second and the third set of questions, so we keep empowering self and the near and dear ones around us. Nurturing relationships is the foundation and a key to a healthy, happy and a prosperous life.

An Article By Vijay Batra

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