Professor: What is Evil` Student: `Sir I will explain, but kindly answer my questions first.` Professor: Ok Student: `Does cold exist`` Professor: Yes Student: `No Sir, there is nothing like cold. It is complete absence of heat.` Student: Does darkness exist`` Professor: Yes Student: `No Sir, there is nothing like darkness. It is actually the complete absence of light. According to physics we can study light and heat but not darkness and cold.`   Similarly Sir, evil does not exist; actually it is the absence of love, goodness, and faith. The student was C.V. Raman.   Similarly, in life, jealousy, anger and revenge cause unhappiness. Thus by adding diligence, intelligence and persistence, we create happiness.   In order to be happy, we need to study the lives of people who have lived happy lives, by constantly developing their ability to be diligent, intelligent, and persistent.  

A great person to learn from is Madam Curie, the inventor of Radium. Radium is the material which has great applications, especially for the treatment of cancer. Madam Curie along with her husband, worked tirelessly for years to invent the processes to create radium.


One of the first decisions the couple made was that they would not patent their process of extraction, but rather they would give it freely to help science cure disease and assist everyone in the world who needed its help. This decision alone was enough to entitle them to live forever in the hearts of their fellow men. This great quality gave a depth and strength to their lives which does not attach to the careers of very many people. The Curies were far more than merely great scientists; the devotion of their lives to an ideal matches the religious fervour of some of the greatest spiritualists.

  Happy people, like the Curies, develop the elements of happiness like, diligence, intelligence, and persistence in creating value for others. Happy people, like radium, radiate energy, light, and the power of healing.  

Bill Gates, who spent a good part of his life, patenting every thing he could, and accumulated a lot of wealth, has been inspired by the likes of Madam Curie and her husband, and is now giving away a good part of his wealth, towards uplifting the needy, and by doing it, they are bringing happiness into the lives of many and themselves.


By being more and more diligent, intelligent, and persistent we will empower ourselves to help others, which will` reduce, remove and keep jealousy, anger and revenge which are the cause for unhappiness away from our lives, and thus enabling us to live happy lives.

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