newbusinessfamilies_041311042729   Question: I work with my father and brother in a family owned business. It took my father great pain to establish the business 30 years ago. For a very long time he worked on his own to keep the business flourishing and then on completing education, we joined him. My younger brother incidentally joined before me. Over the last seven years that I spent working in our business, I have been very unhappy. It leaves me no time to pursue my hobby of wild-life photography. Earlier I had thought that not working for someone else but my own father will give me enough flexibility and ease to pursue my interest. Over time, it has proven exactly otherwise. In the past, my relationship with my father also suffered when I expressed my interest elsewhere, and obviously, he could see my low motivation. My brother has also not responded favorably and is of an opinion to split the company into two based on our contributions as he assesses them. I do not want to stifle my interest, nor do I know how to pursue my interest without disappointing my father and brother. Advice: Patience (`Sabar`), Information (`Khabar`), Perspective (`Nazar`), and Guts (`Jigar`) are the four pillars of living a vibrant life. Given the fact that you have invested seven years of your life in the business, and the business is doing well, you need to fine tune the relationship that you have with your father and brother. Be Patient, haste makes waste, make an effort to gather information so as to think of various options to resolve the conflict. Clarify from your brother as to how he would like the business to be divided, and understand from him if he would consider other options that you may think of. Once you have the information about your brother`s intentions, then you need to gain the right perspective so you may resolve the conflict, and not make it into a contest. Finally, since you want to pursue your hobby of wild-life photography, you will need to develop the courage to take decisive steps. Life is all about trade-offs, if you want to really pursue wild life photography, you will need to let go of something, which may be less share of profits coming your way or remuneration in favour of your brother, who will be devoting more time and effort in the business. The time that you do spend in your business, equip yourself with better management tools, like time management, and project management tools, so your productivity increases. Please remember, family businesses can be amazing for the whole family and the individuals, as long as constant effort is made by the members to make it work.

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