Handle the problem

I came across a wonderful thought recently, which I am paraphrasing, and it is “Sometimes we make the mistake of seeing the problem, and not handling it, and in the process the problem seems to become heavier and heavier, instead if we were to handle it, it is sure to become lighter and better. The thought used the analogy of a sack filled with cotton, if you only see it, it will seem very heavy, but if one were to handle it, it will lead to progress.

While thinking about the thought, it also occurred to me that often by choosing not to handle or face the “problem” the sack filled with cotton, may get wet from the rains of neglect and then worry, and eventually become so heavy, that it may become too challenging to handle.

My father often used to say that the biggest fires could have been extinguished with a cup of water, poured over it at the right time.

My experience has been, that many of us are so busy fighting fires in insignificant areas, that small fires are being ignored in areas which really matter, and thus when those small fires start to become raging fires, it ends up causing a lot of damage.

May I suggest that you stop worrying about flames that don’t matter and start looking out for small fires that may have broken out in areas which are very crucial and are handled and extinguished.

I would like to share a few real examples, one of my friends has become very rich, he has developed an acumen in negotiating in the real estate business. He picks up deals which are considered very risky and dangerous. He then gets into it with all his experience and zeal, fighting one flame after another, and finally when he succeeds in extinguishing the big fire, and coming out ahead in the real estate deal, he is exhausted, but of course, feels “happy” that he has achieved yet another milestone. I have watched him year after year, doing it.

The irony is, that while he kept taking dangerous real estate deals that common person may burn their hands badly, he has ignored his children. With the effect, the children have grown into young adults with indiscipline and indifference that abundant money can create. The money my friend has accumulated is also attracting with it many other small fires, be it the regulatory authorities, predatory counterparts in the real estate market and greedy individuals.

In another instance, I have witnessed another person, who didn’t heed to the small fires that started to burn his health. Instead of minding his lifestyle, he continued to allow the fires to burn, and today he must undergo kidney dialysis multiple times in a month, and he is just in his early forties.

In the third instance, I see a person, whose son is enrolled in a private and expensive school, the son is in class 12th and has stopped attending school, and therefore his college education is in jeopardy. In the child’s case, his parents didn’t pay attention to the small fire that had started in his life, and that was excessive video gaming.

My father’s caution now rings loud and clear, a stitch in time saves nine. Please look around you, be mindful, where are the small fires burning in critical areas, the critical areas being your relationships with your family members and your health.

May I suggest that you take the time to notice the small fires in your relationships and handle them with calm and look after your health, and your life is bound to glow.

When you and I do what is right, we teach our children to be peer counsellors and not be victim to peer pressure.

An Article By Vijay Batra

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