Loss happens to everyone. The most common response to loss is grief. When a loss occurs, most of us are unprepared for how to handle it,especially if we have never had to deal with it before. Even if we have, it is still traumatic each time. It's natural and healthy to grieve but at the same time it's essential to know that life does go on, so we may as well live it to the fullest. Individual people deal with grief in their own ways and within their own time, but the guidance and support they receive from others is what helps them through it. Look around yourself and find inspiration from other people who have been through a loss and have learnt to deal with it by living resolutely in the present. I had the privilege to interact with Mr. V.D. Bhasin, a wonderful person and skilful professional, who served the Indian Automobile Industry for over forty years rising to head the crucial after sales service function in Hyundai Motors India Limited. He exemplifies character and perseverance. His was a complete family comprising his accomplished wife, who taught for over 30 years at Lady Shriram College for women in the Department of Political Science of which she was also the head before she took premature retirement, and an intelligent and hard working son named Bharat, who graduated from the Indian School of Business (ISB) in 2002. Bharat worked with HDFC asset management arm till 2005. Bharat applied to study for his second masters, Masters in Finance at the London School of Business. Soon after, Bharat and Bhavana got married. Bhavana was also a graduate from ISB. Now Bharat was all set to go to London for the masters. But tragedy befell, within a few days of marriage Bharat passed away due to a medical complication. Bharat was their only child. Far from retreating into despair forever, they have thus carried on with stoic composure. They are not preoccupied with assigning blame, or being angry with god, or feeling guilty and devastated. They have grieved his loss but now choose to devote their lives by helping, nourishing and energizing others' lives. A fact that is appreciable about Mr. and Mrs. Bhasin is that, along with Bhavana's parents, they talked to Bhavana to take on Bharat's admission at the London School of Business. Bhavana was equally qualified and competent for the said course. London School of Business agreed to transfer the admission to Bhavana. Theirs is a recharging story. Mr. Bhasin with cooperation of Mrs. Bhasin has been volunteering actively with Sankalp, an NGO set up in 1996 as an endeavour to give a new lease of life to underprivileged children. Their work aims to better the conditions of the large number of children of construction workers and migratory labour in Gurgaon. With immense devotion and selflessness they are involved enthusiastically in all the activities of the NGO. The core areas of work include Literacy, co-curricular activities, School on Wheels, healthcare, utility banking, Youth Support and Scholarships. Once Mr. Bhasin shared a couplet with me that I paraphrase: `thank you son for teaching me a precious lesson; your painful loss has given me the ability not to be bothered by the trivial`.One gets the feeling that Mr. and Mrs. Bhasin have developed a powerful mindset and have liberated themselves, instead of being bound by misery. Bharat was a kindhearted and larger than life person. Mr. and Mrs. Bhasin remember him in this very spirit. They are now actively spreading love and positive energy. They seem to have realized that the joy of giving is far more than that of receiving. Mr. and Mrs. Bhasin's resilience and perseverance is worth applauding. Here we also find for ourselves motivation for personal growth.

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