parent-child-talk-270x300 Imagine yourself spending a day with a person who is differently`able`` one who cannot speak, or one who cannot hear. Is it going to be easy for you to connect to the person` Obviously, you would not find it easy or desirable in a general setup.` Yet you do agree, that there is a thought in every mind and in every soul, regardless of the fact that they maybe able to externally or explicitly communicate it or not. We bring you a very inspiring example of a very renowned scientist, who revolutionized the way human being connect and communicate. After his invention, technology has been playing a fundamental role in communication and also human relationships. Alexander Graham Bell, a scientist, artist, inventor and much more, yet simply put ` he was a man dedicated to build connections with people through communication. The world gives him unrivalled glory and immortal fame for inventing the telephone. His, is an example of what man can achieve with an extra-ordinary intention and persistence. It is a well-known fact that his invention was originally his pursuit to connect with his mother, who was hard of hearing. In fact long before he actually arrived at his `harmonic telegraph`, he had successfully created a device with which he could communicate with his mother. What joy it meant to them both is a matter beyond description, a matter that simply warms ones heart. As young as sixteen years of age, Bell was a teacher of elocution and music in a school. It may not have gone all the way to become his profession, but it does tell us about his passion and continual pursuit to enrich human communication ` making it more alive and natural. It was a revolutionary feat that Alexander Graham Bell took up the mission to teach speaking skills to deaf children at the Boston School for Deaf Mutes, as long ago as 1871. We do understand that speaking without hearing can be a nearly impossible skill to achieve. Bell`s genius and compassion is truly inspiring. If you look into your own life, there would be people who live or work with you, around you; but perhaps your communication with them is not so unique.` Nothing could be so unfortunate as to have people try to reach you, whose voice and thoughts you cannot hear, or understand. Whatever legitimate constraints may be holding you back, let us remind you of the moment when Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call to his associate Thomas Watson, he made it possible, and easy to at least take the first step and give someone a call which is long due. Here are three simple things you can do strengthen the communication around you:

  1. Be available fully for the people who share their time with you. It means controlling distractions, interruptions, arguments and judgments.
  2. Respect the speaker`s perspective. It may not be easy under every situation as you may have a viewpoint that contradicts, nevertheless you must practice listening with an open mind.
  3. Be compassionate when you speak. It is important to be right. And it is equally important to say it the right way, without hurting or demeaning the other person.

Spread the joy of communication - enjoy the gift of speech, and gift someone a patient listening.

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