Satyam (now Tech Mahindra) lately was in news more for negative things than positive ones. But think of the employees who went through it for weeks, the human resource department who managed it. Let`s learn how Satyam dealt with employee disengagement, rumors, vendor speculation etc. Selected 20 smart MBAs to man a 24 hour help desk to answer all the speculating questions from employees in India, Asia pacific region,Europe and US. Selected 56 questions quickly, armed those 20 people with answers, coached them and conducted a mock exercise. It went successfully for three months. To answer people who never asked but kept doubts in their mind- launched News Today -a daily that came out 6pm everyday, went out to customers and clients as well. Sent daily emails clarifying reports appearing in media the same day. Came up with an internal TV channel `Planet Satyam` from the studio of Satyam School of Leadership, aired video clips of everything every evening that happened throughout the day. Came up with Surf the board programme- posted a video clip of each director on the company`s website. This ran as a series with a new clip every alternate day for two weeks. For curious customers posted clips on Youtube. Business unit leaders and HR people walked around and gave impromptu speeches to employees- Town Hall. Breaking News: impromptu addresses for clarification on media updates Customer interaction were invited ` they went floor to floor and communicated. Many employees showed the confidence in company by offering a sacrifice of a month`s salary and waiting for things to settle down. So far as rumors, employee disengagement,top-down communication are concerned,almost all companies are facing them; some lightly some gravely. We can learn from the above situation to become proactive and keep the employee engagement level so high that it can face any uncertainty with courage and conviction. In a nutshell key to employee engagement is Trust, Transparency and Togetherness.

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