Self-esteem is a summation of beliefs, feelings, experiences and perception a person has about himself. It is his image and understanding of the self with which he measures his worth and existence. A large number of people, whether or not they are aware of it, have a level of self-esteem which is low. It is something that affects their motivation, efforts, achievements, fulfillment, and their quality of life as a whole. Here are a few things that can help you to come up to a desirable level of self-esteem:

    1. Dress smart This is the easiest to do and a good place to start. However frivolous it may sound, it is true that people form the first image about you by how you dress and the image you portray. Dressing smartly does not require a fortune, but a careful eye for what suits you and your lifestyle. Very soon people will notice you and it gives an immediate boost to your confidence.


    1. Get healthy A very common reason for people to experience low self-esteem is due to their physical appearance ` their over-weight. It makes them feel that they are being constantly joked about and consequently they react defensively and irrationally. The solution is to lose the extra kilos and not being snappy. Remember, a fit body will house a sound mind.


    1. List your positive achievements Lowering of one`s self-esteem is a very natural response to criticism. Your critics help to realize your mistakes and faults. To give it a healthy balance, list your qualities and achievements. Each thing that you list is your unique gift. It helps you to become confident and positive.


    1. Express your originality To build your self-esteem, do not be tempted to imitate even if it is someone you really admire. It is unfair to you and gradually causes more complex personality challenges. Take time to find what is special and unique about you and develop that aspect. That will bring in satisfaction in the long run as well as build your confidence.


    1. `Associate with positive people Be in the company of people who have a positive self-image as they will also naturally respect others. Observe closely how they view the world and with their help your horizons will light up. Resist being engulfed into the gloom which negative-minded people spread. Keep distance if you cannot avoid them.


    1. Believe there is nothing to lose Holding yourself back for the fear of not doing very well or being appreciated has to end. After all, what is there to lose, but only your fears and worries! When people look back, they regret more not having taken the leap than meeting an occasional setback. A little courage will go a long way in uplifting your spirits and will have a great impact on your success and achievement.


    1. Upgrade your skills Examine your bio-data. What would you like to add to it which will boost your work, career and opportunities` As soon as you can find an answer, start working on it. If you feel inadequate, do something about it. Whether it is learning a new computer language, a higher professional degree, an accreditation ` do it.


    1. Don`t compare Comparison is a heart-burning and never-ending race. Never allow yourself to be trapped by it. The moment you stop weighing your own life and achievements against those of others, you will find that there is nothing you need to feel inadequate about.


    1. Be grateful and not fretful A common reason for low self-esteem is when parents do not give as much attention as the children want. On growing up, the children not just suffer from poor self-image, but also bear a grudge. Remember, that no one is entitled to attention, which in itself is a very subjective thing. If you think you have received less, do not fret. Instead, be grateful for it. Free your heart and mind of these negative memories and then you can see a new `you` blossoming.


  1. Free yourself Though you may not realize it easily, but if you have a low self-esteem, you can feel you are being held captive by others around you. Seeking unnecessary approval, feeling guilty when you cannot please others, not being sure of your decisions, feeling offended at trivial matters, are all examples resulting from that helpless feeling. Set yourself free. You need not be so critical of yourself and accept that you cannot be perfect and agreeable always. It is no harm to express your opinion clearly and assertively. You do not have to please everyone all the time, especially at the cost of your own feelings.

Enjoy being the new, confident and positive you!

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