One among the biggest entrepreneurs of the world! Walt Disney was a struggling cartoonist in California, USA, and lived in a small rented room, which was frequented by a quiet and shy mouse! Over time, he developed a liking for it and started cartooning `comics` around it for a church for which he was paid 10 cents per cartoon! With his imagination, vision and passion he kept at it over the decades. He became an iconic figure of the world through his creating Disneyland, (1955) in Anaheim, California; Disney Movies and allied products around the Mickey Mouse (1928). Today the brand name `Mickey Mouse` gives his company $7 billion a year in royalties alone. He created Disney World (1977) in Orlando, Florida and his greatest contribution to the entertainment world was EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) in 1982. It is reported that when he was surveying the huge piece of land from a hill top he started talking to himself: there I will do this; there I will do this and so on! His VP finance remarked, ``Walt where the money will come from`` Walt angrily cut him down to size: ``look, when I am `dreaming`, let me do so because I firmly believe that what the mind of man conceives, it can achieve!` In my R&D of entrepreneurs from around the world, including 1000+ from India, I am very clear that when an entrepreneur starts to do something on his or her own, he has no idea where he or she will end up! But secretly he or she has dreams. He or she has to listen to her own mental drum beats. During the entrepreneurial journey, there is no destination! The entrepreneurial journey is like an endless road and at some point; good management takes it over like in the case of Disney World. It is still going strong around the Mickey Mouse and its brand value is $18.5 billion, 20th largest brand in the world. Apple is $57 billion and Toyota is $24 billion (Forbes, September 10, 2010). Nearer home, our Sunil Mittal with a mobile has done wonders and there are so many others who are chasing their dreams. Now, how about you` What are your dreams` Remember a journey even to the moon also starts with a single step. Take that step-even if you are in a job. You can start dreaming about your dreams in the years to come. Good Luck.

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