No matter how diligent parents are, the younger generation is difficult to outsmart. As a concerned parent you may want to know everything happening in and around your child. Including what your child does not tell you. What can you do to find out if there is anything your child is hiding from you` Here is what can help: Watch for signs Look for the signs. If something is going on, it will surely leave its traces. Sometimes parents may miss seeing them. Here is what you can observe in children when they are hiding something:

    1. Needless lying
    2. A surge in the number of phone calls and text messages
    3. New names of friends
    4. A change in the behaviour and appetite
    5. Irritability
    6. Watching too much television suddenly
    7. The dustbin
    8. The internet
    9. Sudden protectiveness about an object
    10. Invitations from friends whom you have not heard of before

  When you receive untrue replies for simple questions and matters, it is probable there is something the child is trying to evade. You can gather by the pattern of phone calls. A sudden surge in the number of people and the duration your child speaks on the phone is a good indicator that something may be amiss. Apart from the obvious sign that your child is speaking in hushed tones, also watch the names of people your child is talking with. Do not ignore if any particular name arouses suspicion in your mind. Hiding is not very easy for a child. It takes a toll on their little minds. And as a result their behaviour undergoes some change and so does their sleeping and eating pattern, responses, calmness and general disposition. Even if it is as harmless as watching more television, there could be an underlying cause for it. There could be something on your child`s mind which he is trying to escape by sitting in front of the television. An aware parent can infer a lot from it. See what is being thrown away, in addition to what is being protected. Also, keep track of your child`s activity on the internet. Though all out of good intention, your child may be interacting with a stranger you would not approve of. Whenever your child receives an invitation, drop your child at the friend`s place yourself. That way you can be sure. In short, parents need to always have their wits about them. Do not ignore your instincts as they rarely lie to you. Resolve Compassionately When you do find conclusive evidence of what your child is hiding, it may be difficult to control the urge to confront the child. But remember, it is your own, and just a child. Be compassionate and understanding. He needs your support more than an angry outburst. Explain how you feel and ask questions patiently. Try to work out a resolution through a loving dialogue instead of threatening the child. Hiding from parents is a very common part of growing up. It does not reflect on the parents or the child. All you must remember is to handle the situation with care.

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