Let me share with you a simple story with a powerful message to stay away from temptations:

Once, Akbar the Great was presented a bottle of perfume.` While applying it, a drop fell on the floor. He bent down instantly and rubbed the spot with his fingers. Suddenly he noticed that Birbal had seen him and the great emperor was embarrassed.` Next day, Akbar proclaimed in his Durbar that all the fountains in the palace would be filled with the rare perfume for six days. But he noticed that Birbal did` not appear impressed.` He beckoned Birbal over and asked him to explain why he was not impressed by the generosity of his emperor. After observing the court protocol, Birbal bowed low and whispered so only the emperor could hear him: `Boond se gayee izzat hauz se nahin aatee!` (The respect lost with a drop cannot be regained with ponds.) So buddy don`t forget that you are being watched and if there is the slightest lapse in your honesty, truthfulness and sincerity ` you will lose all chances of becoming a hero in the eyes of your near and dear ones.

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