Article By the Late Dr. Promod Batra

KFP stands for Kee Pharak Painda (what difference does it make!). In life, 96% of the situations or happenings are under this category. Rarely, it is a situation of BFP (bahut pharak painda – makes a lot of difference). Happiness depends upon your applying this guru mantra in your day to day living. Use commonsense. Observe. Think through. Third eye. I failed in 9th class and my father said KFP… this one gesture of his probably made it possible for me to be “speaking” to you. In Sholay, Hangal says to Hema Malini, “heaviest burden a man carries on his shoulders is the arthi (shroud) of his son.” This is BFP. Think about it and probably you can say KFP in respect of 90% of your ‘in case fears’. You will be a happier person.

This is a write-up to share my health learnings with you for your benefit. I got check angio after my mini heart surgery and angioplasty! I will be happy to send you a copy of my angiogram. You will see lots of blockages in the form of black ink and my idea is to tell you that in my 30’s 40’s, 50’s (my KFP Years), if I had seen a similar angio I would have taken corrective steps! It is too late now but the next best thing is to manage with what I have got at 66+!

Looking back, when I had lots of health, I had less of wisdom and less of wealth! Now I have more than enough Wealth & Wisdom and less of Health! I reflect back and I wish I had a friend who could have suggested me to slow down on the intake of lots and lots of rich food, drinks and snacks. Escorts and its dealers hospitality’ have now become ‘excuses’! Wish I had learnt what I know now that one scoop of ice cream gives the same amount of happiness versus four! I had learnt the law of diminishing returns in my Economics but somehow I was unwise in not factoring into my future health.

I am now at 66+. My boilers (my mind and my heart) are all fired-up, like a steam engine ready to go long distances at full speed but the tracks (in the form of my health) are not strong enough! It is frustrating, to say the least!! But my wisdom is coming handy and I am going to overcome this weakness during my BFP years – over the times to come.

Another thing which I have learnt, from the mistakes of my KFP years, is about Diabetes. It is so slow that I developed the attitude of KFP! A doctor friend of mine, Dr. Ashok Sharma, had warned me almost 15 years ago that I was showing signs of it but I took it for granted that it won’t happen to me!

On the other hand, thank God, I don’t smoke, I have given up alcohol, I don’t worry and I don’t have many other diseases except Diabetes, BP, Glaucoma. Mankind can have 1000 diseases!! Thankfully, I get myself regular medical checkups and because of it my damage is far less! Things always can be far worse than they are!! Good books which I read during my KFP years have really helped me and the fact that I got into writing and self-publishing and doing seminars – give me tremendous satisfaction and happiness. All these 66 years have been a great experience and the regrets are only a few. I am working hard to live another ten years but if the end comes tomorrow, I have no regrets. Moreover, friends like you who came my way, have been too good and kept me going in the right direction.

My experience in life has been that 96% people in this world are very very good, 3% are OK if you are OK! Only 1% are obnoxious but an attitude of KFP takes care of it, too!

When time comes to meet my maker and when He opens my ledger page, boy! He is going to be very happy and is likely to give me a super deluxe room well stocked with good goodies of life. Hopefully, there is no diabetes up in the heavens!

An Attitude of KFP Helps You To THINK Your PRIORITIES

You are stuck in a traffic jam. It is not of your making! You have two choices: to curse and to fret or to think of what more you can do to make yourself more successful, happy and satisfied. These days self- motivational tapes and mobiles are opportunities!

Invest your time into your relationships. Don’t forget when sickness is unavoidable relax and enjoy it! Relax!! Even the red light glass says so!!! Heavens won’t fall. Getting late? Well learn your lesson to always leave earlier, provide for such contingencies. And even if you are late: KFP! Learn from your mistake. If fate hands over to you a lemon make a lemonade!

Manage your beliefs and think outside your box. KFP works in every situation, you only have to wear your thinking cap!!




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