Q - "I am in a senior leadership position in my company. Over the years I have found myself to grow into a very efficient manager. I like orderliness and recommend a very clear working method to the large team which I handle. My instructions are always detailed and very methodical, and they have brought me great results consistently. However, of late I have begun to sense from the words of my colleagues that my team has a negative and rebellious disposition towards me. More so, they voice it behind my back. It is causing me a great deal of difficulty to work with my team as I don't find them efficient or even open to me. What are my options to deal with this situation better`" A - Leadership is all about calibration and celebration. Often as leaders, we don`t celebrate success. Taking the time to celebrate success at appropriate times will enable you as leader to take stock of the calibre of your team members and the challenges that you and your team members are dealing with, and do what it right. What seems to be the case at present with you is that your team members have become apt in handling the levels of challenges that they are facing, therefore an appropriate thing to do for you would be to plan to take on tougher challenges. While you are planning to prepare your team to take on tougher challenges, delegate the day to day leadership function to some of your able juniors, it will free you to do two things, , one, develop your juniors to become able leaders, and two, develop yourself to take on newer challenges. The task of a leader is to create more leaders, not more followers. Continue calibrating by taking on tougher challenges and developing your team members to take on successfully tougher challenges, and celebrate every time your team achieves higher results.

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