The more we learn, the more we will earn, the more we blame, the more lame we will become.

Those who take responsibility and see their own weakness as it relates to the problem are most likely to grow and accomplish in life. On the other hand another individual confronted by the same great pressures of life fails to take responsibility and instead blames others, does not grow or accomplish in life as a result. Learning from past experiences and also learning as we go along to accomplish something is an essential quality. We are born with instincts that are there to help us survive. Instincts are natural behavioral patterns that are based on ones inborn knowledge and capability and are not learnt through training or experience. This natural aptitude is present in its full strength and form even though we may be unaware and has helped us to survive through generations.

Our instincts want us to blame instantaneously. Often we remark in ways, which on second thought makes it clear that we are thinking in less than optimal ways. There are many more situations where we blame, like saying, `I have explained this to him thousand times, but he just does not understand.` A better way to state this situation would be, `I have explained the matter to him, but I need to learn a better way to communicate so that we develop a better understanding between us.`

`The pole came and hit the car while I was driving` instead of saying, `I hit the car into the pole`.

`Customers are not buying the product` instead of saying `I am facing a challenge in closing the sale.`

Our remote ancestors, were governed entirely by their instincts. Humans were vulnerable and powerless in the primitive world and thus perhaps blaming came to them instinctively. More often than not, much was not in the hands of the individual; they were at the mercy of instincts, but not any longer. The intelligent ones who are thriving amongst us have learnt to reign in their instincts, have also learnt from experiences and have achieved results that are surprising to many to us.

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