Listen`it brings solutions. Most often we simply do, `talk, talk and more talk.` Let there be a fair chance to the vocal chords of the other person before you give yours a chance. There is a golden saying, `Communicate long enough.` Let me add to that list, `Listen long enough too,`
Become A Good Listener. Listening is the most important part of communication: Listening-60% Speaking-25% Reading & Writing-15%
Listen without interrupting ` it`s sometimes difficult, but always rewarding. Listen with your eyes. Look straight into the eyes of the speaker, be it a customer, an employee, a co-worker or friend. It will give you more confidence and assure the speaker you care. The words `Listen` and `Silent` are made of same alphabets. If only we listen silently before we speak, many of the misunderstandings and tough situations can be avoided.

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