Without self growth life is less meaningful. How to grow in your life and in your `profession` i.e. in whatever you do. There are several ways and there is no limit to it. It all depends upon how serious and focused you are.

  • Read successful stories of people and get inspiration that if they can do it you can do it, you can also grow like them. Everyone can grow in life some slowly and some fast.` Remember it is the direction you take and not only the speed. Start every day with a positive mind and make `goals` as to what you will do to grow. At night, before you sleep think whether you have achieved something or not towards you self growth.
  • Read self - development books.
  • Have friends who are better than you are i.e. with positive minds.
  • Many of us get stressful which hinders self growth. In this regard do remember that most stressful problems are the absence of ideas. How to get ideas` Well start thinking and keep on thinking. Remain at it, ideas will come, start taking action and results will come ` it will take time, be patient.
  • Manufacture good thoughts only and kill negative thoughts in your mind. Think positive side of people you come across and don`t waste your time thinking negatively about them.
  • Prepare yourself to be fired every day if you are an employee or a businessman. Have this `fear` which will force you to think of better ideas for self growth.
  • Compare yourself with yourself only. Are you better than yesterday` Keep at it. This way you will kill jealousy which kills ideas for self growth.
  • Do small, small things greatly. You will be on the road of self growth.
  • Manage your anger creativity and innovatively! This way you will grow over a period of time.

Good luck to your efforts of self growth.

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