An Article By Vijay Batra

I am always inspired by people like Shakib Sheikh, a developer working with Microsoft, who lost his eye sight at a young age. As he was growing up, he encountered computers that could talk. He took this as an opportunity and went on to study computer sciences and has been working successfully in Microsoft for over a decade. Shakib Sheikh was recognized as a star when he was introduced by Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft at the annual build conference at Microsoft. Shakib Sheikh has built an application that works on smart phones and smart eye glass, which is able to convert pictures and video on real time into verbal messages, enabling the visually challenged to hear what is happening around them. Watching the video is inspiring, and gives us all a clue how to be Lively, instead of being lonely. Shakib by becoming engaged in using the available technology to become independent first and then moving on to enable others to be independent became a dependable person, thus becoming lively. I from my own experience have realized, that whenever I have become overly dependent on others, I tend to become a cynical person, full of complaints, thus becoming lonely. When we start engaging ourselves and helping others, we become dependable. Instead of becoming cynical of others, we become committed towards others. Also, when we see our family, colleagues and customers as a threat, that is people who are always demanding of us, we become irresponsible, because we start avoiding them. When we see them as opportunities to serve, we become passionate and responsible. Satya Nadella, while introducing Shakib at the conference said that Shakib channelized his passion and empathy to create a wonderful app. Lastly, often when we are in positions of power, be it as a parent, or an elder in the family, or a boss at work, we lose our temper, and may say things and use tones which are condescending, which to the receiving person is uncomfortable and sometimes, downright unkind. Unkind attention paid to others will lead to desperation, it is kind attention that ensures inspiration. Let us be paying kind attention, not shame attention to others, so we may create an environment of inspiration not desperation. Let us view serving our responsibilities as an opportunity to be responsible and lively, and not take them as threat, for it will makes us irresponsible and lonely. Please view the link below.

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