Doctor Shigeaki Hinohara of Japan, who turned 100 on 4th October 2011, is world`s longest serving physician. Starting from 1941, his service has entered the eighth decade. His power of healing and giving mankind a better life is extra-ordinary. His career marked by kindness, perseverance, and a positive vision dedicated to make people`s life happy and healthy. His life and work is an inspiration and a lesson in living well. Here are ten inspiring lessons from the life and experiences shared by Doctor Hinohara to live with renewed vigor and spirit as you usher in the New Year 2012.       Living happily, living long ` 10 inspiring thoughts from Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara :

    1. Feeling good is most important As compared to eating well or sleeping enough, it is most important to feel good. Just as children do not remember to eat or sleep when they are playing, if we as adults can rekindle the same spiritedness we would feel the energy inside us.


    1. Manage your weight Your body cannot carry on for long if it has to carry the extra kilos. Eat light and healthy meals. Never burden your stomach. It causes slumber and sluggishness.


    1. Have a plan to look forward to To sustain the vigor of the mind and soul, there has to be a consistent flow of positive, creative and enjoyable activities. The more things you have to look forward to, the more upbeat and interested you would be.


    1. Enjoy what you do, and then there would be no need to retire People who are living and loving every moment of their work have the energy that is unparalleled. It keeps them charged up and going. They naturally have a desire and drive to live longer so that they can do more of what they already like. Till the age of sixty, people are concerned about providing for the family. Thereafter, the purpose of work could be much larger - for society and mankind. Those who think beyond there immediate duties and attachments realize that the amount of work is immense and they have no thought of retiring once they set themselves on that path.


    1. Reach out and share what you have learnt Learned people are everywhere, but it is rare to find those who make active effort to share what they know. There must be an inner realization of giving back, so that others can benefit. Try to find ways to share your knowledge and wisdom you have gathered through your experience. It enriches your own life too.


    1. Give nature a chance Every ailment has a scientific cure. But science has its limitations because sometimes illness in the mind and worse still, in the heart. For true healing there is greater power in the beauty and abundance of nature. Be it in the form of a garden, or a pet or simply the songs of birds, what the soul needs cannot be prescribed by a doctor nor can it be provided by the chemist. Indulge in art, music and the beauty of nature, because we too are a part of it.


    1. Climb the stairs Easy ways to keep your muscles healthy and going strong is to never miss an opportunity to use them. Resist taking the lift or escalator. Take the stairs instead. The benefit add up in the long run.


    1. Be moderate about money and material After all the things that bring us deepest and lasting joy are those which cannot be bought by money. Spending the greatest part of your life acquiring wealth is hardly the best use of your life. Money is important, but contentment, even more.


    1. Expect some unexpected incidents Life is unpredictable, so naturally a lot of times unexpected things will happen. Some pleasant and some not quite. Take things in your stride. Man is engineered to be able to thrive and not merely survive. Make the most of every situation, there is always something to learn from each experience.


  1. Find a role model Set yourself a target higher than ordinary or normal. You would be surprised at the ability of a goal to propel you to higher levels. Have a role model, in fact have as many people who can inspire you to do your best. Examine your challenges using their perspective. It would unleash your inner potential, what you may not have even known.

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