Many smart people think that when they tell lies, and often they are successful in telling lies, they become smarter! True.

But remember the wisdom in the saying: `What upsets me is not that you lied to me but that from now onwards I can no longer trust you!`

Somehow within in a few years of my career I was able to understand this aspect of management by observing others in my group. Over the years the bosses were able to develop their own judgements in regard to `smarter` people versus `trust worthy` persons and it is upto you as to what `brand` you want the world to put on you.

Statistically, you can tell `49` lies successfully and on the 50th one you will be `found` out! No one will tell you on your face that you are a liar but your CGR factor will take a hit ` i.e. character, goodwill and reputation.

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