Diverse business group meeting

  1. Don't interrupt your colleagues. Not only is it disrespectful but it's a sign of "poor social skills`
  2. Pull the plug on office chatter
  3. Don't eat smelly food. It can be very offensive to a coworker
  4. Don't use slang or text-speak. An email should be handled as a formal letter.
  5. Share the credit. Not acknowledging a colleague's work can ruin your reputation. You won't come across as a team player, [but instead] you will come across as a self-indulgent individual who just cares about his or her promotion
  6. Office attire should stay on the conservative side. It`s best to be traditional. Still, not all offices are the same so think about "who you're meeting with and then plan your wardrobe accordingly.
  7. Keep your ring tone under control. The music can be distracting, so it's best to keep your phone on vibrate.
  8. Keep the office clean. Your boss shouldn't have to tell you this.
  9. Don't get too personal at work. It not only kills productivity, but when you disclose too much you become vulnerable and it's not a good thing in the business environment.
  10. Don't take personal calls at your desk. If you have to, then it's fine to take a personal call at your desk sometimes, but end it quickly so that you don't disturb those around you ` especially if it's an open office space.
  11. It's okay to blow your nose at your desk, but only if it's an emergency. If you have consistent allergies or take certain medication for your nose, do it in the privacy of the restroom.
  12. Don't play with your hair during a meeting. If you can't keep yourself from playing with your hair, "it's better to put your hair back, maybe tight in a ponytail." You should also refrain from brushing your hair or applying makeup at your desk.
  13. Don't come to work if you're too sick. The rule of thumb is "if you're contagious you should stay home. But if you just have sniffles you should be at the office.
  14. Always show up on time for meetings. If you`re usually running late, try scheduling meetings in 45 minute increments to allow enough time to get to your next one.
  15. Keep meetings to the scheduled amount of time. Don`t force the next group to stand in the hallway outside the conference room waiting for you and your group to finish.
  16. Pay attention during meetings and avoid multi-tasking, such as scrolling through emails on your smart phone or computer.
  17. Don`t hold meetings in your cubicle and distract those sitting close nearby. For meetings with three or more people, go to a conference room or a break area.
  18. Eat lunch in the cafeteria or break room. Avoid eating smelly food at your desk.
  19. Be aware of how loud you speak on the telephone if you work in a cubicle environment.
  20. Respect your co-worker`s property (and company property).
  21. Don`t take things from others without asking. Refrigerator lunch food stealers ` that also means you!
  22. Don`t yell and scream at others. Compassion and empathy will serve you much better to earn respect.

Tired of bad manners in your office` Here are 5 tips for dealing with offenders:

  1. Don`t reciprocate bad office behavior.
  2. Stay calm and don`t get emotional or angry. We all have bad days every now and then; sometimes a sympathetic comment is the best way to direct a coworker toward better behavior.
  3. Meet with the person in a private location and explain how his or her bad manners are affecting you.
  4. Make sure you understand your company`s business ethics and procedures for reporting infractions.
  5. If the bad behavior continues or worsens after you`ve spoken with the offender, seek help from your manager or a representative from HR.

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