Time: we all believe that it is important for everyone. Many of us get things done in time and many of us are always late creating plenty of stress for ourselves and others. Managing time is not `science` but more of common sense!

To do things in time follow simple ideas.` Make a `DO IT NOW` list before you go to sleep! After that prioritize it into A, B & C i.e. list under `A` most important things to do. `You have to decide the priorities based on several factors such as what will bring better results and what is required first.` Next is `B` list which is important and these have to be done well. After that is `C` list which includes things to be done. But these can be delegated. Some one else may not do it that well as you would have done. But don`t worry think of `don`t` make the best enemy of better!`

When you follow the above rules you will be able to do your job well which will make you happy as well as others too.

Please remember, it takes more time than what appears in the beginning.` Start whatever you have to do well before time and provide time for things which can go wrong.

Getting things well and before time is habit forming. Habits are made this way: if you do things the right way `forty times` it will become your habit.

Over a period of time you will earn the reputation of a good person who gets things done. Is it not worth it!

Believe in the fact that you can do it better and better i.e. `Think There Is A Better Way`. Add to it ask for help and comments of others. Asking-make this a habit too!

Observe others and learn from them too, better ways to get things done. Don`t be shy or afraid to do so. Soon you will develop the reputation of a person who is good at his job.

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