Not all parents have time or ability to stay proactive with their child`s daily school progress. Many a time`s parents contact teachers when they face a major problem because they are unfamiliar with the process. For child`s better grades and education parents and teachers should bridge the gap to have great communication. Everything begins at home, but should continue through school therefore both parents and teachers should create a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieve More) which will help them to get mutual and satisfying result.

What teachers expect from parents, as first teachers of child:

  1. Establish a daily routine. Child should have a routine that involve study time, eating meals together, going to bed on time. Encourage your child in raising questions and spend time in discussing what they have learned.
  2. Keep in touch with the school. Parents should always keep a check to what their child doing in school by visiting at regular period of intervals. Stay aware of what assignments they get and what they learn.
  3. Use television wisely. Parents should keep on check what type of programs child is watching on television and should limit the amount of time.
  4. Offer praise and encouragement. Besides form school learning parents should always praise and appreciate their child so that they can become a great learner from outside world also.

What parents wants from teachers for their child:

  1. Active participation of parents in classroom activities. Teachers should allow parents to involve in school activities like helping child in preparing school material or sharing their interest and hobbies. More the parents are involved the more they will understand the teacher`s goals and practices.
  2. Give parents voice in decision. Parent`s viewpoints should be considered in making decisions about their children`s schooling. Families to become involved individually and collectively in making decisions about goals and standards for their children.
  3. Plan teacher/ parent meetings. Teachers should plan meeting with parents in regular interval of time so that they are aware of what their child is learning. It can be held in the beginning of the session, at the end of the session and sometimes in between also.
  4. Encourage good communication in the meetings. To end up such meeting successfully parents and teacher should bridge the communication gap so that they can get a positive solution towards the child future.


The family meets the school expectations effectively, and the school educates the child effectively without undue demands on the home which creates mutual respect and leads to a better future of the child.

When parents and the teacher work together then they will always help the child in some following ways:

  1. Generally achieve better grades, test score and attendance.
  2. Child has better self-esteem and develops more self-confidence.
  3. Children tend to do better to bridge the gap between school and home.
  4. Involvement of parents leads to have fewer drops out decisions taken by the child.

The most important elements to have an effective relation are trust and honesty which will help the child. Parents are first teacher of their child who knows there personalities, they know how the child will learn, what all interest their child have, their strength, their weakness. This is important for a parent to express it in front of the teacher so that the teacher can have better understanding towards the student. More the teachers and parents interact with each other more opportunities child will get to show his/her potential.

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