I run a partnership business with my very dear friend from college. We started together with great zeal and enthusiasm and over the years have scaled our business to great heights. We have weathered a number of setbacks, gone past a lot of obstacles and survived innumerable damages. We have emerged as very strong leaders. After twelve years of stable existence and prosperity, I feel confined in the set up and want to scale some unexplored territories. I have some new ideas of my own which I want to implement. Over the years, as far as I have been able to assess my friend and partner, he has a low appetite for risk. Especially in the face of a recent unpleasant situation in the company where an old employee called it quits and caused huge damage as we banked heavily on his loyalty and dedication. Ever since, my friend has been unwilling to charter new territories. The incident haunts him. Although he understands the potential of growth in my new idea, he is unable to get over it. Because we share an amazing bond, I had high hopes from conversation with him. Yet my attempts have failed. What perspective can I add to my idea to get my friend to understand me`

Advice: Knowing a person very often gives us an illusion that we understand the other person. Given the fact that you are very excited and your partner is not about the new idea, you need to understand as to why he is not as excited as you are, before you can succeed in having him understand and collaborate with your intent. In your excitement to have him listen to you, have you take the time to listen to him` The principle of success is: 1. First Collect, then 2. Connect and 3. Finally correct. Please understand why he is reluctant in-spite of the fact that he sees the potential of growth in your idea. Once you understand why he is reluctant, then you will be able to address those issues and gain his collaboration.

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