Till then we have a choice to be Sukhi Ram or Dukhi Ram. Sukhi Ram is a person who believes in taking ups and downs of life in their stride. Sukhi Ram manufactures positive attitude in his mind and keeps coming up with new and better ideas knowing fully well that: this too shall pass! Dukhi Ram is a mournful person for whom life passes by as a series of distressing events. He is always unhappy with persons and events and accepts them as part of his fate. Remember, wealth, wisdom, status (or lack of it) makes no difference to be a Sukhi Ram or Dukhi Ram. You can choose to be a friend or enemy to yourself. The concept of Sukhi Ram Vs. Dukhi Ram has been discovered by me, so I call myself-Permanent Sukhi Ram (PSR!) If you also want to become PSR, read my books, simple!

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