Have you struggled with communicating with your teenager, causing worry and frustration` If you have felt this way with your teenager you are not alone. Many in fact most parents go through similar challenges. The key to successfully raising your child and making it through the teenage years in one piece is starting early.

Building your bond takes time and effort

It is never too early to build a close bond with your child. You will be grateful as your child gets older for the hard work and effort you put into early years. The truth is teen years can be some of the most difficult of your child's life. By starting early on developing your child's personality you can help your child become a responsible teenager and adult. Raising your child is a serious concern and there will always be regrets later on in life. Yet doing simple things to ensure your child is going to be a respectable teenager and adult will go a long ways for you and your child.

Be there for them

It is easy to be there for a helpless infant, a hopeful toddler and a curious child, yet tends to be a bit harder for the hormonal, moody and hard headed teenager. Do not be afraid to look for opportunities to talk to your teenager. Inviting your teenager to go have dinner, just the two of you can open the door for communication. Communication is so vital during these years. When you know what is going on in your kid`s life then you may understand a bit more why they do certain things that would otherwise be confusing and frustrating to you. When your teenager knows they can talk to you about anything without you over reacting they will come to you when they are hurting about a situation, when they are sad, when they are happy and when they need advice. Wouldn't you much rather for him to come to you than turn to his friends who are equally as emotional and confused as your teenager. Keeping your lines of communication open will allow opportunities for you teen to know you care and can offer helpful advice. Being there for your child and teenager does not mean you become such close friends that they loose respect for the fact that you are their parent and not peer. There is a fine balance that is worth mastering. By starting early with raising a responsible child, you will reduce the stress and at times heartache teenage years tend to bring with them.

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