`Man should always be ready to bear the problems that comes his way,

They should not lose their heart.`

Mr. P. V. Saar is a retired bank manager from a private American company. His age is around 77 years old. To earn a living for himself and his family he travels for two hours from Rohtak in Haryana to Connaught Place, Delhi every day to sell puppets which are his only way of earning for his family. He is visible every day in A - block, inner circle of Connaught Place.

`P.V. Saar worked hard and supported his son become a chartered accountant. Every father wants his son to stand next to him and support him in his old age But when the time came to support him, his son met with an accident in which he lost his life. Today P.V. Saar is alone and has to support his family while his contemporaries live a cozy existence.

Today, while still experiencing the pain of loss of his son, instead of sitting and crying, he makes an effort to go out and earn an honest living. His spirit and positive attitude towards his duty and work teaches us that :

`Life will hit you hard, no matter whom you are, but it will be your decision to say I QUIT OR WILL FIGHT TILL THE END``

Mr. P.V. Saar has chosen to fight till the end. For him `NO WORK IS BIG OR SMALL`. `While passing him in C.P. people experience happiness that they bring to an old man`s brave face when they buy from him.

P.V. Saar is an amazing example for people who earn a living by begging. The puppets that he sells are only for 45 rupees each.

Please view the` clip below to get inspiration from this amazing old man who has not given up on life.

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