Reciprocity empowers children.

I was introduced to Mr. Anup Bohra, an eighth-generation jeweler at a function hosted by my cousins, the Bahl’s of Jaipur. I was enriched by our meeting and the conversations we had. I will share one of his anecdotes about his Grandmother, Gulab Devi ji. The anecdote is inspiring and instructive for parents and grandparents. Mr. Bohra has graciously permitted me to share it with you.

Mr. Bohra’s Grandmother Gulab Devi ji was an impactful influencer. The incident that he mentioned was of the 1970s when he was a teenager. During that time a Bollywood movie Bobby, starring Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia, directed by Raj Kapoor had become a big hit among teenagers as it was a love story, fraught with challenges. In the movie a newly launched motor cycle GTS, manufactured by Escorts was shown as the hero’s ride. The motor cycle became an instant hit, every youngster aspired to own one.

Mr. Bohra approached his father and requested him to buy a GTS for him. The father told Mr. Bohra that he will buy him one after he passes the ninth standard. Mr. Bohra, after passing the ninth standard again approached his father requesting him to make good on the promise. The father withdrew from the commitment telling Mr. Bohra that he was still too young to have his own motor cycle.

Mr. Bohra, then went to his Grandmother Gulab Devi ji and petitioned to her that the father had broken a promise of buying him the motorcycle after he clears the ninth standard.

Gulab Devi ji was an empowered and a wise elder of the family. She approached her son, got the cash and accompanied Mr. Bohra, overruling her son to buy the motor cycle for her grandson.

After about two weeks, Gulab Deviji summoned Mr. Bohra and asked how he felt about having his own motor cycle. Mr. Bohra shared his delight and expressed his gratitude.

The Grandmother then told Mr. Bohra, now that he has what he desired and is incredibly happy, it will be good if he starts going to the family business, after school is over and on days when school is on a holiday so he may learn the family business and be able to contribute in the times to come.

Mr. Bohra willingly accepted the Grandmother’s instructions and started earnestly going to the family business and continued studying as well.

I was heartened by the way Gulab Devi ji taught the power of reciprocity to her grandson.

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