Question: We supply material for local garment manufacturers. To our clients, we have given very good rates, supplied at short notice and done every small thing to ensure our service standards generate delight. Sometime ago, the procurement manager of a particular client asked a personal favour of me, assuming I was in a position to help him. Obviously I had to decline. Immediately, from that point onwards, the manager dissuaded his owner from doing business with us. They discontinued placing anymore orders. He also blacklisted us as vendors and pointed out various shortfalls in our service. My company and my immediate senior manger began to blame me. I got no chance to explain myself, and I do understand that my company has lost a client. How can I take charge of the situation and turn it around successfully without blaming my client` Advice: Let every event be a learning experience for you. In the future you will face such situations again, in which case you can consult and involve your seniors who can then make decisions as per company policies and guidelines. Another option is to make relationships with certain entities (channel partners) that are adept with dealing with such situations with whom you can share a certain margin or profit as a service charge. Also keep in touch with the organization in the event that the person is transferred or removed from the current position, so you may again rebuild the relationship with the company.

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