Sowing the seeds of Peace, Happiness and Prosperity.

A rich merchant entered a shop that had eleven neatly arranged jars on the shelf with labels of a virtue on each jar.

The virtues were brave, temperate, generous, truthful, witty, friendly, spirited, conscientious, indignant, benevolent and industrious.

There was a saintly person standing behind the counter, as the merchant was standing inside the shop, he asked the person behind the counter what is in each jar?

The person replied “the Jars contain virtues that will make you a peaceful, happy and a prosperous person.”

The merchant asked the person behind the counter to give him enough of each virtue so he may be peaceful, happy and prosperous, and at the same time he asked how much will it cost in total to buy all eleven virtues?

The person answered “the virtues are available for free, and asked the merchant to sit on the chair till he packs the virtues for him to carry.

After sometime, the person called the merchant and handed him a small packet. On receiving the small packet, the merchant exclaimed “how can such a small packet contain all the eleven virtues that will make me peaceful, happy and prosperous?

The merchant answered “the small packet contains 11 seeds, a seed each for each of the eleven virtues.”

He further instructed the merchant to sow the 11 seeds into his nature and to nurture them consistently for the rest of his life, and soon he will live a life of peace, happiness and prosperity.

As long as he is nurturing them in his nature, he will be peaceful, happy and prosperous.

In times to come the fruits that his being consistentlyurtured, peaceful, happy and prosperous will bear the seeds that he may share with his fellow family members and friends and teach them to sow the seeds of virtues in their nature and learn from him how they may nurture the virtues and carry on the practice of spreading and sowing the seeds of virtues in people who they touch.

In life, one can be rich, poor or in between but if he or she is sowing the seeds of virtues and nurturing them in their nature they will ensure that they are never bankrupt.

My father late Dr. Promod K. Batra often said “I am an ant, for me a drop is a flood.” His life was a journey of “ups and downs” as far as the parameters of money and material things are concerned but he always “flourished” for he ensured that he keeps sowing the seeds of virtues and nurturing them in himself, his family members and those who came in contact with him.

The entity Think Inc. that he formed with the purpose of inspiring others has an anchoring thought conceived by him “sowing the seeds of positive thinking.”

I wish all the readers to connect and remain connected with virtuous people as they will guide you how to nurture virtues in the modern world and make the best of one’s life.

I wish you peace, happiness and prosperity.

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