Life is all about improving oneself. Some time back my wife and I had taken a trip to Gwalior to address a gathering of students and their parents. The hotel in which we were booked was rated as a four star property, but it was far away from being a four star. The hotel had everything, granite floors, three restaurants, a swimming pool, a lobby, elevators to ferry the guests to the higher floors. It had everything, but it was dirty. In every nook and corner there was dirt or unwanted objects. The garden around the hotel was littered with pet bottles. The walls were stained with pan-spit stains. We had our lunch in the hotel. The food was tasty, but sadly the presentation and serving was below par. The carpets in the restaurant were stained and the restaurant was very dimly lit, with no natural light coming. The atmosphere in side was gloomy. After the evening talk to students, my wife and I decided to try out some other hotel for dinner. We went to the lobby of the hotel we were staying and asked for some of the other good hotels, and we were told, that Usha Kiran, managed by Taj Hotels was good. So my wife and I took directions and after some effort reached the hotel Usha Kiran. First we took the round of the hotel. It was an amazing change, compared to the stained carpets and unclean walls of the hotel we were staying at; Usha Kiran was an amazing experience. The walls and the floors were shining. I took note, while entering, not a single pet bottle, not a single stain of pan juice. We had an amazing dinner experience. The taste of the food was almost the same as in the other hotel, but because of the cleanliness and lighting in the restaurant, it was an exhilarating experience. Post dinner, we spent an hour walking around the whole premise. Although the hotel where we returned to sleep also had paintings hung in the corridors, because of the dust the paintings looked unappealing. Whereas, in the hotel Usha Kiran, the paintings sparkled. Before leaving Usha Kiran, I asked for their tariff card. On returning to the hotel we were booked for the night, I compared the rates. Usha Kiran was charging at least four times more than the four star hotel we stayed. Comparing our experiences in the two different hotels, I learnt a lesson. The process and the commitment to executing the process of maintaining the property had made all the difference. Usha Kiran has a great process and is consistently renewing its commitment to execute based on the process. Where as the other hotel just goes through the motions of the process they may have laid out, and over a period of time the process and the commitment has taken a downward spiral. I am glad that we stayed in the hotel in which we were booked, although the experience was slightly uncomfortable, it made me realize the significance of Process and Commitment to the process to live great lives. If we were to constantly evaluate the process, the way we live our lives, at home and at work, and find ways to improve the process, and remain committed or disciplined to live as per the process, we will live great lives. We can always take clues from the Usha Kiran like hotels around us who have great processes and commitment. Please do your best.

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