This month`s Think Link brings for you Vijay Michihito Batra`s talk at Ahmedabad Management Association on `Success Principles - The Matsushita Way` based on the same book written by him. Matsushita Konosuke's management philosophy lies in the concept that a company belongs not to its owners or collective shareholders, but to the society in which it operates and exists. He had a unique view on profit. He believed that profit should not be the objective of a business. Profit should be the compensation that society gives to the business for its endeavors to provide people with products and services that further the state of the society. Matsushita's `Tap Water Philosophy` is based on the conviction that society must enjoy better, more comfortable lives and other amenities and products that were expensive to be produced in mass quantity to create abundance` thereby making them 'as cheap as water'. Quick to recognize opportunity in every adversity, Matsushita was never known to be afraid or defensive. He deeply respected worthy and strong competitors, and grew better due to them. He believed in the inherent strength of medium-sized companies as compared to large corporations as he regarded their decision-making process is much more effective and efficient. This talk celebrates the spirit, philosophy and wisdom of Matsushita Konosuke - a man of winning attitude with boundless energy, a man with a purpose, a man who changed millions of lives. Please click on the link to enjoy and learn from the talk.

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