The great Sylvester Stallone is an amazing source of inspiration. He was a forceps baby, at time of birth; the Doctor had to use forceps to deliver him. In the process his face was damaged, which also caused slight speech impairment. When Sylvester grew up, he took up body building. He also had a passion to be an actor. His passion to be an actor was so strong, that he would spend all his time looking for an opportunity to become an actor. He also would write scripts. Whenever he would audition, the directors and producers would reject him because he had a slightly crooked face and has slight speech impairment. Undeterred he kept pursuing, he decided not to take up any other full time job, for he feared that he may fall into a comfort job and not pursue his dream to become an actor. Because of his pursuit to become an actor, he was always short on cash. He was married; his wife was constantly stressed because of his passion to be an actor, and the resulting financial challenges they had to face. She lost her resolve, when Sylvester sold her jewelry one day. She decided to leave him. Sylvester then one day had to sell his beloved dog for $25 to survive. He was at his absolute low. He then watched a boxing fight on Television, in which an underdog won the fight. This fired his imagination, and Sylvester wrote the script based on the trials of a budding boxer. He took the script to a Producer. The producer so liked the script that the Producer offered Sylvester $100,000 for the script. Sylvester told the producer that he would sell the script on one condition, and that is that Sylvester play the main part of the budding boxer. The Producer had the same reaction as many before him who had rejected Sylvester based on his looks.Sylvester stuck to his guns, the Producer offered him more, finally taking his offer to $350,000. Sylvester did not budge. Finally the Producer relented, but negotiated a far lower price of $35,000 for the script and the acting, for he wanted Sylvester to share the `risk` Sylvester agreed. With $35,000 with him, he now went back to the place where he had sold his dog. For three days he had to visit to meet the person to whom he had sold the dog. He requested the man to sell the dog back to him. The man refused. Finally Sylvester bought the dog back for $15,000. The movie was made and named Rocky, which became a super hit, grossing more than a $100 million, and many sequels were released. Sylvester went on to become a Super star. It is a great story.

We suggest that you can use this story to give you the energy to overcome any challenge.

Just imagine, when Sylvester sold his dog for $25, what must be his challenge, I bet any challenge that you and I ever face will not be as intense, or even if it is, the story will give us the energy.

Always tell yourself; what I face is not the end, but the beginning.

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