There are only a few good definitions for the word success; there are however thousands of interpretations. Success is achieved by accomplishing your goals or desires. The process for truly achieving success in work, home, or social settings contains several moving parts, all of which must be equally considered. If you follow the recipe or guide in this article, you can achieve just about any goal you desire.

  1. Doing Less Creates More

    Most people believe that the harder you work, the more you gain. Yet the opposite is true. The people that figure out ways to get more done by exerting less power are the ones that truly get ahead - big time.
  2. Act Out The Things You Desire

    Act as if you already have the things you desire. Doing this will allow you to be and see things from the perspective of the person (or position) you desire to be. Acting it out, leads you to it by taking the precise steps for getting there.If you study a person who is successful and follow the way they do things, then you are learning what it takes to be successful.
  3. Respect Your Expectations

    If you expect that doing something will not provide you with what you need or desire, do not do it. If you expect that going to a job everyday for the rest of your life will not get you anywhere, do not do it. If you expect that living your passion would be the highest joy, do it. If you respect your expectations, you will be led to success.
  4. Inspiration Fulfillment

    Inspiration is an emotional charge that drives you to take action. More times than not, when the inspiration settles, people tend to stop taking action in the direction that inspiration leads them. In order to keep being inspired, you must keep the things that inspire you close.
  5. Direction of Abundance

    Successful people always realize that there is enough of everything to go around. When you see that there is enough, you will have more than enough.
  6. Keep Your Intelligence Up

    Successful people always grow. Do crosswords, play chess, read a book that will help you grow, go out and meet more people, etc. Intelligence is not something people are born with, intelligence is created. Albert Einstein was not born a genius; he was a genius because he stuck with the problem longer.
  7. Act On Desire

    The moment you have a desire to achieve something, act on it. If you obtain the desire to own a sports car, do something in that moment that will push your motivation levels higher. Even if you cannot afford the car, go talk to a dealer, or go test drive one. When you walk in the direction of your goals, your goals will start walking towards you too.
  8. Make a Win-Win Situation

    When you share something of value, people will naturally desire to share with you as well. Long-term success is only achieved, activated, and found through the process of giving value.
  9. Tell Yourself Positive Things

    The subconscious mind believes everything it is told without question, it does not have the ability to reason the difference and make decisions on logic. The subconsciousness makes decisions based on memory through the day and carries out things like habits. In other words, even if you do not consciously believe the positive things you tell yourself, your subconscious picks up on it. Eventually the subconsciousness will turn positive things into a belief, from the consciousness through habit.
  10. Be a Leader

    Success comes from going against the grain.The majority of people are not successful because they are followers. A leader is a person who is willing to test something new.
  11. Use Imagination

    Through imagination, you open a window to more choices. If you feel that you`re stuck in a job because you have no choice, use imagination to allow yourself to see more opportunity. It is only through imagination that one can find a solution.
  12. Be Flexible

    Being fixed, set, un-open, and inflexible limits opportunity. Limiting opportunity, limits experiences. Limiting experiences, limits success.
  13. See Opportunity Everywhere

    See opportunity in everything you do. Even in the worst of negative situations, there is an opportunity to grow and learn something. When you start seeing opportunity everywhere, you start seeing more.
  14. Express Ideas

    Ideas enter your mind and leave your mind just as fast. The mind can only retain a limited amount of information.Therefore, when you get an idea, write it down immediately.
  15. Optimize Your Success

    You can optimize your success by not putting things off for later. When reading your email, respond to the ones that need responding. Whatever it is, while it is there, take care of it or do not allow it to be there.
  16. Stay Out of Perfection

    Perfecting everything slows down success. Stop organizing and perfecting everything, just allow things to flow their course. If you must correct, organize, and perfect; allow the natural successful flow first. Get things out first, then optimize.
  17. Do the Big & Important First

    To keep from procrastinating,get the big things out of the way first. Doing the most important things first, will gain you the most benefit. Optimizing success is about not letting the little things distract you.
  18. Do Successful By Being Successful

    Being successful is not a one-time thing, you must continue to be successful everyday to see results. Therefore, do at least two things everyday that move you in the direction of your desire

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