The Benefits Of Fear: Practicing Courage and Building Confidence

Ask most people what the number one obstacle is that that holds them back from living the true life of greatness that truly deserve… and the answer will most likely be some form of FEAR.

Fear is there to protect us from physical danger, it is our instinct to prevent ourselves from being eaten by a predator. However, in the comfort of our modern homes, in the absence of such predators with protection designed into our homes, cars and parenting styles— what this fear has adapted to do is respond to modern day stresses, which can trigger past negative feelings of shame, hurt or fear.

These experiences operate in the background of our psyche, taking up mental bandwidth and memory, just like mobile apps which run around in the background of your phone using memory and battery power.

When we stay in our comfort zone protected from these experiences by the familiarity of routine activities, we live life unaware of our ability to grow and develop new strengths and skills. The less we experience opportunities for mistakes and failure the more scared we become of what could happen if we were to step outside of the comfort zone.

However, when we do take that plunge, even without confidence in our abilities, courage takes over. In the realm of the known, confidence operates without any hindrance, but in the realm of fear of the unknown courage takes over. Courage is typically a more noble attribute than confidence because it requires greater strength, and typically a courageous person is one without limits for growth and success.

Courage is typically a more noble attribute than confidence because it requires greater strength, and typically a courageous person is one without limits for growth and success.

We can be grateful for fear. We can learn to eagerly embrace it, understand its origin and use it as a signpost for what needs to be dealt with, a powerful tool to declutter the mental closets. And just like actually cleaning out our closets, we can sort through what we want to keep and what no longer fits us. And when it’s cleared out, we can feel renewed and energized.

But fear can’t always be overcome just by crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

We, humans, are strange creatures, we expect our fear to disappear in an instant, however, we accept that we cannot just pick up the violin and play Vivaldi in an instant.

Here are a couple of strategies that will help you connect with the real courage, strength, and power of your higher-self and turn fear into POWER the next time it presents in your life…

1. Recognise Fear as a Sign of Your Growth

The reality is that everyone will experience fear as long as they are growing. There is always fear between the border of chaos and order. The moment we set a new goal, attempt something new we have never done before or even make a simple change like setting boundaries and respecting ourselves then we are likely to experience fear. Say to yourself - “Whatever happens I’ll handle it!”

2. Change Your State

Our body, mind, emotions, and spirit are all interconnected in a dynamic cybernetic loop. Therefore the moment you change the way you use your body, the way you speak to yourself or your beliefs – then you instantly transform the way you feel. Changing your ‘state of being’ is one of the fastest ways to shift fear and limiting emotions.

3. Turn Your Fear into a Question

Fear has the ability the take our attention or focus and direct it to “what we don’t want” or “what we want to move away from”. As we know – whatever we give our attention to will grow.

Therefore, if you’re facing some fear in your life then the first step is to:

  1. Acknowledge your feelings and the cause of the fear
  2. Identify what you are placing your focus, energy, and attention on
  3. If what you are focused on is being driven by fear e.g. the need to create money so you have enough to pay your bills, trying to look good in front of others for fear that they may reject or not accept you etc.. Then you need to identify ‘what it is that you really want instead?’
  4. Create an affirmation of what you really want e.g. Making money excites me and energises me.
  5. Finally, turn your affirmation into a question e.g. What is it about me that creates & attracts money easily?

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