Do you ever try to think of ways of reducing stress` May be you don`t. Well, if it is so you are in the company of many, many people! Why not change it - even now ` and use your think time to reduce stress` What is think time` Well, when you have nothing` active to do like when travelling, before going to sleep, when getting` up, when getting ready, in between tasks, and son on. Personally, I find it a good way of reducing my stress.

This is how I do it. Mentally, I list down what is crowding my mind. Sometimes I write it down. Then I make mental calculations to see more clearly what I can do and what I cannot do I find` out how` much` of each is involved, and then superimpose my extraneous factors on the` stress giving` activities ` such as` pressures from` my near and dear ones, friends and relatives.` Again, in stress ` related activates, I calculate how much trade off is possible and I try to reduce stress damage as much as possible.

I manage to squeeze out several think times during the day, including my sleeping. I like to use common sense to reduce my stress.` Over the years, I have become less stressful. Earlier, I used to spend 60 minutes to 120 minutes tossing in my bed; now I fall asleep sometimes in as little as 6 minutes. I keep my mind uncluttered and decongested of whatever I do not need; I want to meet my needs and not my greeds!

At night, before sleeping, we empty our pockets and put things away. I empty my mind also, and this think time is very useful. I empty my mind several times a day of whatever I do not need and of things said by others that hurt me at the time or may hurt me later.

Very often, I bring on my mental screen the following wonderful story:

Two monks were travelling in the rain, the mud sloshing under their feet. As they passed a rivulet crossing they saw a beautiful Geisha girl, finely dressed, unable to cross because of the mud. Without a word, the older monk simply picked up the woman and carried her to the other side.

The younger monk was seemingly agitated for the rest of their journey, and could not contain himself once they reached their destination. The young monk exploded at the older monk, `How could you, a monk even consider holding a woman in your arms, much less a young and beautiful one. It is against our teachings. It is in very bad taste.`

`I put her down at the roadside,` said the older monk. `Are you still carrying her``

Now don`t we all `carry her` for years and decades together, and become stressful` Why not start having self-audit sessions and throw thousands of `hers` into the dustbin`

It is wise to remember: `It shall pass,` be it good or bad luck. So, during your more fortunate periods, enjoy your good fortune ` no bitching and no complaining.

I have been able to manage my stress beautifully by reflecting to myself ` as often as ten times a day!

Wishing you success in your stress reducing efforts.

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