In real life, we all are like Arjuna confused, stressful and jittery, we do not think through most of the self-created muddles we get into. Arjuna was confused. He was a professional warrior but still his thinking was blurred. His kingdom had been taken away, his wife insulted and humiliated, his wealth squandered away in gambling. Even on the battle-field, he was not sure whether to fight or not to fight his relatives, his gurus, and his friends. However, he had done one good thing in his life and that was to nurture his friends. One such friend in the form of Lord Krishna came to his rescue at the eleventh hour and cleared his muddled thinking and then our poor Arjuna went on to create history. As a habit, I try to learn from history; as a matter of fact, I learn from everyone and from historical events. Years ago, I started nurturing my Lord Krishnas - in modern times; they are termed consultants and advisors.

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