2015 has come! My key message is that you have to be very clever to do simple things.

Life can be simple and still you can be happy or you can make it complicated and feel miserable.

Start with thinking outside the box i.e. our mind.

First you have to manage your stress! Not easy but possible.

Stress, in simple terms, is like a fire ` more precisely, embers, permanent embers. We can either control them to be harmless embers and enjoy their glow, or fan them into huge fires, not knowing better, many of us do the latter.

Stress is not dependent upon whether you are young or old, boy or girl, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, servant or master. Stress is not dependent upon where you live` whether in New York or in New Delhi or in a small town or in a village or in Rishikesh or on Mount Everest..

I have always believed that complicated problems in life have simple solutions, and simple problems also have simple solutions.

For example: remember a simple `NO` to a request or to do will save you hundred of headaches!` For example: your best friend asks you for a loan.` If you can give, give If not say `NO`! Suppose you give it you may be creating problems for yourself.` I know it is not easy to say `NO` for but you have to be stress free!

Again, a typical problem causing stress is `success` in your profession or business. Well, why should it` One can take failures and successes in stride. You can make your life either very stressful or very simple depending upon what you choose. Your life, like mine, is a series of choices. You can choose to get drunk tonight, but when you do so, you have chosen to feel miserable `tomorrow`. Nothing wrong in having a hangover once in a while!

You have to live your own life. You can decide to live either a happy life or a stressful one. You can live through the years with the attitude that `I will do my best and then to hell with it,` or you can live a life full of fears, doubts and jealousies. The choice is yours ` to be happy or to be stressful irrespective or anything, I repeat - anything.

Remember, most stressful problems are really the absence of ideas.

For examples: The crow used stones to raise the level of water in the jug. Look around, think and solve your problems with imagination.

Problems cause stress and abnormal blood pressure. So it is very logical that we reduce our problems, we should be able to reduce our stress and abnormality of blood pressure. Incidentally, we can`t eliminate problems unless we decide for the final exit ` the very thought of this itself is very stressful!

And finally, remember ` the first towards solving a problem is to begin. Period.

With my best wishes for the New Year.


Promod Batra

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